When is there a need for Enterprise Risk services?

New Business Relationships

Prior to engaging a new business partner, hiring a senior employee, investing in a new company or entering a new market, companies should identify whether there are any reputational, financial or other risks they should be aware of and whether these risks should be mitigated prior to finalizing this new deal.

Discovery of Irregularities

Whether identified through a hotline, whistleblower, complaint or audit, irregularities or suspicions of wrongdoing should be investigated to identify the perpetrators and their methodology, and to prevent such incidents from occurring again. These investigations may also lead to implementation of extra preventative measures, such as background screening, zero-tolerance policies, ethics policies or hotlines.

Special Events

A large international corporate may be hosting an Annual General Meeting where there is high profile, key personnel attending and there is a need for Close Protection Operators.

Overseas Deployment

A company may be moving a function or team overseas, to a potentially high risk area where the need for expertise on the ground is required to ensure a smooth deployment and safe working environment.

Technical Support

When relocating part of a company overseas, in new offices, there may be a need for a technical sweep for detection of bugs to avoid competitor interference.

Contingency Planning

Companies should always ensure they have a firm business contingency plan in place, to understand threats, how to deal with emergencies and to ensure continued operation whilst dealing with emergencies.

Corporate Insurance

Some insurers require a certain level of training, advice and management within a company before insuring.

GSEC Enterprises can assist in all these scenarios.

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