GSEC can provide technical consultancy and have access to the expertise to design and install security systems utilising leading edge technologies, our capabilities include:

Manual Surveillance: A capacity to deploy teams at short notice to conduct foot or mobile surveillance in urban or rural environments.

Physical Search: A site is thoroughly examined to ascertain the presence of eavesdropping equipment.

Electronic search: Using the most advanced equipment and software available a site is electronically sniffed to detect the presence of surreptitious devices, utilizing spectrum analyzers, radio frequency receivers and software packages. This offers our clients the most efficient radio frequency sweep available.

Telephone mains search: A search is conducted using specialist tools designed to check telephone equipment and mains cables for the presence of parasite, voice operated and a host of other clandestine devices.

Wireless access point emissions: Specified areas will be wireless sniffed to ascertain the presence of wireless data emissions in the target area, authorised or unauthorized.

Live monitoring: The capability of live monitoring during a meeting to detect the possibility of a device transmitting audio.

Conference: Provide a complete security package for your conference or meeting. This will include a full electronic sweep of the proposed conference facility.

Tracking: Providing GPS and or RF tracking devices so you can monitor where your staff are 24/7.


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