Fraud, theft or embezzlement: to investigate how this could have occurred, who were responsible or aware and how to strengthen internal controls. It may also include implementing preventative measures, such as whistle-blowing hotlines, ethics policies and third party due diligences.

Intellectual property infringements: to investigate whether IP has been infringed or whether products have been reverse engineered, and where the leaks might be. We also assist our clients in gathering evidence, setting up raids and initiate legal proceedings against infringers.

Allegations of misconduct, harassment, intimidation: to investigate the veracity of allegations of wrongdoing and if necessary to recommend disciplinary actions against individuals.

Collusion: to investigate collusion between employees and business partners through commercial or familial relationships, which may lead to an undue influence or financial advantage to the detriment the company.

Corruption: to investigate whether unlawful payments have been made to government officials to advance the business interest of a company. As a result of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, all companies conducting business with the United States are obliged to adhere to the Act, or face heavy penalties.

Asset Tracing: to identify any assets held by a particular party worldwide and to map the ownership structure of these assets. This may also include involving law firms to freeze assets or file injunctions to prevent change of ownership of assets.

Litigation Support: to assist the client in gathering evidence to be used in a court of law.

Anti-money laundering: to investigate whether the entity in question is or has been involved in any money laundering activities. This may include strengthening internal controls to prevent such incidents in the future.

Due Diligence  

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