Case Studies

Due Diligence
A European investment company requested a due diligence on a wealthy Asian businessman, to identify any potential reputational risks if they were to invest in one of his companies. The aim of the due diligence was to compile a profile of the individual and the company they were considering investing in.


An international development bank had loaned several million dollars to a local government department in Asia. However, there had been allegations of irregularities in the bidding process, that the quality of the work had been dismal, and that funds had been siphoned off. An investigation was conducted to examine the veracity of the allegations.


An agent of an international steel manufacturer demanded unjustified payment from the manufacturer for brokering a deal between the company and a government ministry. When the agent was not paid, he threatened the CFO with physical harm. An investigation ensued to assess the level of risk for the company and the CFO if they were to continue to deny payment.

Intellectual Property Infringement

A manufacturer of engine parts received complaints that its carburettors were faulty. The engine parts in question were badly executed copies. The investigation was launched to identify whether their products had been reverse engineered or their intellectual property had been stolen, and to identify the company that had copied their products to launch legal proceedings.

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